A World Where Connected Clothing Means Truly Connected People


Your cause. Your team. Each other.

We’re on a mission to help passionate people make a greater impact.

Because technology should create meaningful human interactions, ignite conversation and bring us closer together.

Because technology should inspire.

Our A-Ha Moment!

Finn Surprise Circle.png

This is Tim. Not his real name but don’t hold that against him.

He’s 10 at the time this photo was taken and he’s a radical drumming fanatic.

He’s very good in fact! His Dad has played for a long time so it’s in the family and Tim’s really taken to it…like a fish out of water then put back in.

Our Founder, Duncan taught Tim. As in, Tim was his drum student and through the course of what we will call the ‘early innovation period’ of Near Field Creative’s technology, Duncan wondered how our inner child might react to our wearable technology.

So, with parental consent he told Tim they were going to create a drumming video together showcasing Tim’s latest grooves.

Then as a surprise he embedded the fully produced video into a t-shirt and gave it to Tim.

Then asked him to tap his phone against the logo.

A picture tells a thousand words. This one told two, “enough said”.

Our Core Values


Lights, Camera, Actions Speak Louder Than Words 


Passionate Expression Through Creativity & Technology


“Enough said”

What do we do?

We create custom smart clothing and wearable technology solutions for Charities & Not-for-Profits, Sporting Clubs & Businesses to help you connect more deeply with your audiences.

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