Our Mission

To Create Meaningful Personal Connections By Bridging the Online/Offline Divide.

We are the leaders in the application of wearable technology as a customer experience solution.

We provide customised smart clothing and wearable solutions for brands, bands, businesses and influencers across a range of industries, helping them create deeper connections to their audiences, in an interactive and engaging way. 

Talk to us about creating a tailored wearable solution.

Our Values


Actions Speak Louder Than Words



Expression Through Creativity & Technology


Entrepreneurial Heart & Solution Core 

Our Story

Near Field Creative represents the evolution of our Smart Clothing brand, Confirm Denied, which was founded in early 2017 as a clothing label focused on creating interactive experiences using embedded technology.

We haven't deviated far from our humble beginnings, instead we have evolved to help businesses embrace wearable technology as a customer experience solution.

We focus on the creative, on the meaningful and on the human applications. We're obsessed with design, personalisation, user experience, service delivery, automation and data.