Startup Weekend organisers are always looking for innovative solutions to provide that real ‘WOW’ factor to participants.
— Renee Coman, Startup Weekend Organiser

at this year’s startup weekend we created smart event t-shirts embedded with the individual linkedin profiles of each attendees, making connecting with others a fun an exciting experience

I’ve been wearing my Smart Shirt during my visits to existing and prospective clients and have received great feedback! It’s definitely a conversation starter and provides us with a highly innovative way to deliver our content.
— Dion Guthrie, Chief Marketing Office, Schoolzine

schoolzine’s custom smart uniforms were programmed to launch their introductory video directly from youtube as a key differentiator during sales calls and at conferences

Personalisation is everything. Wearable technology represents the evolution of customisation in tailoring.
— Gorgianne Jacobsen, Professional Clothier & Stylist

we worked with Gorgianne to create a custom suit jacket programmed to launch key media content at the tap of a phone to provide her clients with an innovative customisation option