Russell Ousley from the university of the sunshine coast talks about their experience using smart uniforms at giving day 2018 (G-Day)

wearable tech in action at daniel morcombe foundations’ 2018 walk for daniel event

In the couple of hours that we had, on 100 occasions people used the wearable tech. That’s a significant outcome.
— Russell Ousley, Director USC Development Office

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Instant Donations. Instant Data.

Wearable Technology is interactive and fun to use. Simply tap or scan a smart phone over the access point to instantly launch your donation payment gateway. Auto-fill helps with the rest.


Empower Your Volunteers.

Smart Volunteer Uniforms with embedded technology provide volunteers with a unique conversation starter and an easy way to convert interest into donations on-the-spot; inspiring confidence and creating deeper engagement.

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 Wearable Tech. 

Lives On After the Event.

Giving out volunteer uniforms never felt so good! Our smart uniforms are machine washable meaning your volunteers can wear them outside the event and collect donations anytime, anywhere.

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More Data? Sure!

With Measured Interactions.

For the first time, face-to-face interactions can be measured on a per-volunteer basis. Giving you insights into which volunteers are the most active. Accompanied by simple reporting, we can help you recognise your top achievers.

We decided we wanted to use Wearable Tech to help our volunteers take the conversation about what G-Day was about, to making a donation. And it worked.
— Russell Ousley - Director, USC Development Office