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Goodbye Business Cards.

Hello Engagement. Hello Sales!

Wearable Technology = Interactive Engagement, Quality Leads, Shorter Sales Cycle, Lower Costs & More Sales!

By 2020, Customer Experience will Overtake Price & Product as the Key Brand Differentiator.
— Walker Research


Business Cards & Promotional Flyers are old news.

Wearable Technology offers an engaging solution designed to increase customer experience, reduce lost opportunity, increase lead capture efficiency, save time & cost and create a more personalised interaction with measurable results.

Speed Matters! 35-50% of Sales go to the Vendor that Responds First.
— Salesforce


Time is Everything in Sales

At Myriad, I captured over 38 high quality leads in 2 days through my promotional t-shirt!

All contacts were instantly updated to my CRM saving me data entry time post-conference.

A personalised email was automated and sent to all new connections in real time to remove any down time in the sales process.

The same email was sent to me, providing me with a list of contacts I could follow up immediately post-conference.

I had new enquiries progress through the sales process in the background due to the efficiency of the process, enabling me to spend more time connecting with new high value prospects. 

Conferencing. Brand Promotions. Biz Dev. 

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We Produce Your Branded Promotional Attire


With Embedded Technology

To Help You


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Convert More Leads

Salespeople spend just one-third of their day actually talking to prospects. They spend 21% of their day writing emails and 17% entering data.
— Hubspot


Let's lighten the load for Salespeople because the more prospects they can speak to, the more they will SELL! 


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About a Wearable Sales Solution That Reduces Lead Capture & Response Times Down to Minutes & Seconds

 Duncan Barker, Founder, Near Field Creative

Duncan Barker, Founder, Near Field Creative