Providing Schoolzine with a New Channel for Content Delivery

Near Field Creative fitted the Schoolzine team with pre-programmed branded promotional tshirts designed to launch key Schoolzine content with the tap of a smart phone. This wearable tech solutions was used to create deeper engagement at conferences, events and on sales calls for their marketing and outbound sales teams. 


We’re working with Near Field Creative for the simple reason that they’ve made wearable technology accessible to small to medium businesses.
— Phil Reardon, Founder & CEO, Schoolzine

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Phil Reardon founded Schoolzine over 12 years ago after a chance meeting with a principle to discuss email marketing uncovered a pain point around the distribution of school content to parents. 

Schoolzine now services over 1000 schools in 19 countries with plans to double that number over the next 12 months. 

The Schoolzine platform allows schools to improve relationships with parents and to drive significant cost savings.

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As a digitiser of content, Schoolzine is always looking for innovative ways to deliver content and to show their customers and prospective clients that they are a forward-thinking, tech-focused company.

"When we're at conferences we might have 10-15,000 people walking past our stand. We want a more interactive and personal way of getting information to these people. Being able to tap your phone onto a piece of clothing is a really cool way of doing it!"  - Phil Reardon

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the solution

The Schoolzine Team were fitted with custom branded company polos with embedded wireless proximity technology. 

During the creative consultation process, we determined that the best use case for their sales team would be to link their tees directly to their introductory video on their YouTube channel.

This way prospective customers could tap their phones against the sleeve of the garment for instant access to video content designed to provide further information on the company's value proposition in a novel and interactive way. 

I’ve been wearing my Smart Shirt during my visits to existing and prospective clients and have received great feedback! It’s definitely a conversation starter and provides us with a highly innovative way to deliver our content. 
— Dion Guthrie, Chief Marketing Office, Schoolzine


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Duncan Barker, Founder, Near Field Creative

Duncan Barker, Founder, Near Field Creative