Instant Access to USAT's High Profile Launch with the Tap of a Smart Phone

The United Scientist Association of Technology (USAT) is a Not-for-Profit Organisation fully embracing technology and innovation. They utilise the blockchain to decentralise the intellectual property process and support innovators. Wearable technology is now playing a part in the development of their strategy.

Innovation is an integral part of our operation so it made sense to apply the same thinking to our marketing. That’s why we approached Near Field Creative.
— Natasha Cain, Public Relations Manager, USAT

USAT Alexander de St. Amatus


Natasha Cain and Alexander de St. Amatus are working to decentralise innovation. 

The USAT platform enables them to fund, develop and commercialise intellectual property, supporting innovators.

Their flagship project is a Solar-Wind farm. USAT posses two patents which enable this new technology to be more efficient than any other renewable energy technology currently in existence.

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With speakers on the International Blockchain circuit and teams based all over the world, USAT is undergoing a launch on a truly grand scale.

It is at these conferences and events that they meet with potential investors and collaborators and the need arose for a simple and efficient way to communicate their significant value proposition to these new introductions.

Wearable tech badges provided an innovative solution.

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Wearable tech Marketing

USAT ordered custom branded company badges with embedded wireless proximity technology, instantly launching a specific company weblink that provided the ideal snapshot of the necessary company information. 

The badges were shipped to their representatives around the world to be used as gifts to prospective investors at conferences.

For a company that wants flexibility in their wearables, these badges provide the ideal solution.

Innovation down to the finest detail. Our new smartphone scannable badges have arrived!
No more handing out business cards at events for us!
— Alexander de St. Amatus, Commercial Advisor, USAT


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Duncan Barker, Founder, Near Field Creative

Duncan Barker, Founder, Near Field Creative